Monday, June 29, 2009

Larry Cretul May Run Against Alan Grayson

Larry Cretul is considering running against Congressman Alan Grayson. The NRCC views Grayson as vulnerable because he was against the war in Iraq and bailout recipients' excessive bonuses.

“Floridians know Larry Cretul as a workmanlike public servant who understands that getting things done means not worrying about grabbing headlines,” said NRCC spokesman Andy Sere. “Alan Grayson is the obnoxious guy at the dinner party who ends up embarrassing the poor soul who invited him. If Speaker Cretul gets into this race, the contrast couldn’t be clearer.”

The NRCC assumes all voters share the ideological views of the base. Grayson defeated Ric Keller because voters did not share the GOP worldview. can do ambush interviews on Grayson over a failed earmark. People hate paparazzi-style stalking.

I will be the first to admit Grayson comes off as a jerk and no candidate is unbeatable. Cretul's dilemma is he doesn't have much of a voting base in Grayson's district. The Republican brand isn't doing well in Congressional elections. Cretal has his own problems of tax increases, $400 million raid on trust funds, increasing Florida's deficit and running secret meetings. Grayson will relish pounces on those faults.

Grayson is a rising star in the Democratic Party. Both parties need attack dogs and Grayson fits the bill. The only reason we are talking about Cretul is because House Speaker Ray Sansom got into trouble for the porked-filled aircraft hanger project. Before then Cretul was on no one's political radar. The NRCC will not clear the field for Cretul. I hardly call that a vote of confidence.

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