Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Christian Bale's Hissy Fit

Christian Bale's tirade have been passed around the internet. I was taken back by the intensity of Bale's anger. If Bale walked into a bar and behaved this way, he would get his ass kicked.

Cenk Uygur correctly says Bale makes Bill O'Reilly's tirades seem mild-mannered. Bale keep harping on the same point. Stage actors deal with constant performance distractions. Bale doesn't come from the theatre and will not likely do a play soon. He is used to the insulated world of movie sets. Bale actually thinks his behavior is professional. Pretty scary.

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At February 04, 2009 1:40 AM , Blogger The Donkey said...

Compared to what people endure in the military, it is mild. I've heard and endured worse at several of my civilian work sites.

I've seen "professionals" go off on waitresses and motel maids for less provocation.

When I was much younger, I would get so angry as to not care what I said. Now I tell my sons, Mater your rage or rage will be your master.


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