Monday, June 23, 2008

My Response to Litbrit's FISA Post

Litbrit came out against Barack Obama's support of the FISA bill. I was never surprised. Obama never used his lofty status to defeat the Bush administration's effort to protect telecommunication companies and violate the Fourth amendment. I posted my thoughts at Litbrit's place.

What I missed about John Edwards candidacy is that he would immediately blast any FISA compromise bill. He wouldn't even wait for Chris Dodd. The lefty blogosphere were wondering if Obama and Hillary would follow Edwards. Obama and Hillary gave very tepid disapproval of FISA under Bush.

Obama and Hillary want to be President. Neither showed a desire to take away executive power over FISA, that they could use in their presidencies. Obama isn't going to risk angering many Democrats over FISA.

This issue would have been easy to bash McCain with. Obama can just keeping calling the current FISA system "big brother." If McCain attacked Obama on national security the Obama people just need to call him Bush 3.

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama will win the general election. Obama has the advantage in fundraising and the current polls. If this is how he acts when he has the political advantage then what political courage will he show with Bush-level approval ratings?

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