Monday, June 23, 2008

John McCain Vs John McCain

"I'd love to see a point where it is irrelevant, and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary. But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade, which would then force X number of women in America to [undergo] illegal and dangerous operations."

John McCain, speaking on the 2000 campaign trail.

"I do not support Roe v. Wade, period. It should be overturned."

John McCain, on Feb 18, 2007.

That is some straight talk. I doubt McCain has given abortion much thought. The Maverick bills himself as a national security expert and is under the impression that Shiite Iran is aiding the Sunni al-Qaeda. One can only imagine how clueless McCain is about issues he is not passionate about. McCain goes into a frenzy talking waging new wars in the Middle East. It is no accident McCain talks about a 100 year war in Iraq and sings about bombing Iran. McCain is downright sedate when discussing reproductive rights. Project Vote Smart shows McCain's anti-abortion stance.

Indicate which principles you support (if any) regarding abortion.
(x marks are for positions McCain supports)
a) Abortions should always be illegal.
b) Abortions should always be legal.
c) Abortions should be legal only within the first trimester of pregnancy.
X d) Abortions should be legal when the pregnancy resulted from incest or rape.
X e) Abortions should be legal when the life of the woman is endangered.
X f) Prohibit the dilation and extraction procedure, also known as "partial-birth" abortion.
X g) Prohibit public funding of abortions and of organizations that advocate or perform abortions.
h) Other or expanded principles

Further proof that McCain has given no thought to what overturning Roe v. Wade would do to America. His plan to stop unsafe and illegal abortions is hope.

Q: But if Roe v. Wade was overturned during a McCain presidency, and individual states chose to ban abortion, would you be concerned that, as you said, X number of women in America would undergo illegal and dangerous operations?

McCain: No, I would hope that X women in America would bring those children into birth and into life in this world.

Hopeless is a better word to describe what a McCain presidency would do to women.

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At June 26, 2008 5:53 PM , Blogger FEMily! said...

"I'd love to see a point where it is irrelevant, and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary."

This is like saying, at a time when we're all good and empathic enough people to resolve our differences with our words, the law that makes murder illegal should be repealed. One, there's never going to be a point where a woman's unintended pregnancy will be "irrelevant" (although it should be irrelevant to John McCain and everyone else). And two, laws exist to protect people's rights. Repealing them takes those rights away. It isn't a sign that we no longer need protection.

And just so you know, I found this from the link you posted on Feministing.


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