Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lee Nelson Drops Out

I'm not sure when Lee Nelson made this announce. For those that don't know, Nelson has dropped out of the race.

When Phyllis Busansky announced her candidacy at the end of January, the goals and objectives of the campaign, along with available resources, were abruptly altered. As most of you know, there was an immediate split amongst activists along three lines – those who support me, those who support Phyllis, and those who could not commit because of their direct affiliation with the DEC. We cannot remove Buddy unless we all work together and as I cannot give 100% of myself to this campaign must withdraw.

Busansky can raise more money than Nelson and has the backing of the Democratic establishment. Nelson made an assessment and realized he didn't have the resources to win the primary. My understand is Busansky is crshing Johnson in fundraising.

Nelson has endorsed Busansky and offered to help her campaign.

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