Thursday, June 19, 2008


Florida Red and Blue scored a major political coup by getting the Florida Professional Firefighters to oppose Amendment 2. The amendment would make same sex marriages illegal under the Florida Constitution.

Miami - The Florida Professional Firefighters, representing 22,500 firefighters and emergency medical services personnel across the state, has joined Florida Red and Blue's SayNo2 campaign in opposition to Amendment 2, the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment.

The consequences of Amendment 2 are clear: it would limit the rights of unmarried, committed adults involved in domestic partnerships, and eliminate their ability to share health care and pension benefits. Even unmarried senior citizens would be severely impacted. Further, Amendment 2 is an unnecessary intrusion into the private lives of Floridians, and allows government to make decisions that are best left to individuals and their families.

In opposing Amendment 2, Florida 's firefighters cited a recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling that a similar amendment does in fact prohibit public employers from extending benefits to domestic partners. Firefighters, like all public service employees, deserve the same benefits everyone receives and have earned the right to use those benefits as they choose.

"Our firefighters understand the link between Amendment 2 and losing benefits," said Derek Newton, SayNo2 Campaign Manager. "We're delighted to have the support of Florida 's best and bravest in opposing Amendment 2."

The Florida Professional Firefighters join more than 200 Florida leaders who oppose the amendment, including six members of Congress, Florida CFO Alex Sink, the League of Women Voters, the NAACP and the Florida Education Association.

Amendment 2 will be on the November ballot and requires 60% approval to pass. Florida Red and Blue is the statewide, bipartisan organization running the SayNo2 campaign.

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