Monday, June 23, 2008

Joe Klein Knows Best

Joe Klein had a friend in the Republican Party feed him John McCain's top three picks for Vice-President. Klein didn't get a second source. Personally, I think this is bullshit. Who would have Tom Ridge has their number one choice. Jeb Bush comes in at number two and Mel Martinez is McCain's third choice.

Ridge makes the most sense. The former Homeland Security director is a former Governor of Pennsylvania. The state will be a major battleground for the general election. Obama has the advantage because of current Governor Ed Rendell's political network that helped Hillary win the state.

Jeb would kill McCain's chances of becoming president. 2008 is not the year for a Bush to run for the White House.

Mel Martinez was soundly rejected by conservatives on immigration. Right-wing activists disapproved of Martinez's appointment as RNC co-chair. Martinez has low approval ratings in Florida. The Latino vote is going Obama's way thanks to the GOP's demagoguing immigration.

Someone is feeding Klein shit. Joe Lieberman is the hot name for VP. Lieberman has been McCain's most high-profile surrogate. Joementum will expect something in return.

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