Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bye Bye David Broder

In news that will make many progressive bloggers happy; the Washington Post has bought out David Broder's contract. For now, Broder will continue writing for The Post.

"The column you have been running will not change at all, and you will continue to receive it from The Washington Post Writers Group. I will continue to write from the same office in the Post newsroom and will continue to travel the country to wherever politics is happening. You will find me at the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer and on the campaign trail this fall, just as I have been this winter and spring."

The Post is attempting to give Broder a graceful exit. But an exit nonetheless.

No journalist is as unworthy of his praise as Broder. The so-called Dean of Journalism called the devasting aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a grand political opportunity for President Bush.

We cannot yet calculate the political fallout from Hurricane Katrina and its devastating human and economic consequences, but one thing seems certain: It makes the previous signs of political weakness for Bush, measured in record-low job approval ratings, instantly irrelevant and opens new opportunities for him to regain his standing with the public.

The stupid quotes from Broder are endless. Broder is a columnist more worthy of the third tier Tampa Tribune than The Post. Broder's political no sight would be fitting next to Steve Otto columns about chili cook offs.



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