Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton West Virginia Victory Speech

Live blogging Hillary Clinton's victory speech. C-SPAN has the video.

Hillary: Like the song says, "It's almost heaven."

What song would that be.

Hillary talks a lot about moving mountains and gives a shout out to the Mountain State.

Hillary needs your help. Hillary also needs needs you to go to your website and donate money. Now!

Hillary mentions the Florida and Michigan delegates. Especially since Hillary won ALL THE MICHIGAN DELEGATES!

Hillary says superdelegates should vote for her because she won West Virginia. The nominee can't beat John McCain without the Robert Byrd Democrats.

Hillary mentions she won Arkansas. Did anyone believe Barack Obama was going to take the state?

What does Hillary mean by ending the Iraq war responsibly. It sounds like Nixon's peace with honor.

Hillary gives a shout out to people that brings their homemade signs to campaign rallies. I'm not making that up.

Hillary: You will never quit and I won't, either.

Hillary's voice is filled with confidence. This is the best speech I have heard her give.

Crowd starts chanting, "Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!"

Hillary: You should have a President that's on your side again.

Hillary: There is an excitement about politics that is good for our Democracy.

Hillary: I will work hard for our nominee.

Hillary is throwing an olive branch at Obama. At least for public perception.

Hillary: It has been a long campaign.

That is the understatement of the year.

Hillary gives a shout out to "Senator Byrd." Did Hillary talk to Byrd about his love of pork legislation?

Hillary thanks a 11 year-old Kentucky boy whom sold his bike to support her campaign. Did Terry McAuliffe shake the kid down?

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