Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When Nixon Met Elvis

An informative interactive website on Elvis Presley meeting Richard Nixon. The King wanted to meet Nixon because the evil Beatles and Communists were destroying America. Elvis volunteered his services to help fight drugs. The White House was game and planned to have the King make an anti-drug musical.

Cooperate with and encourage the creation of an hour Television Special in which Presley narrates as stars such as himself sing popular songs and interpret them for parents in order to show drug and other anti-establishment themes in rock music.

Encourage fellow artists to develop a new rock musical theme, “Get High on Life.”

Record an album with the theme "Get High on Life" at the federal narcotic rehabilitation and research facility at Lexington, Kentucky.

The meeting notes by White House staffer Bud Krogh are hysterical. Elvis really hated the Beatles.

Presley indicated that he thought the Beatles had been a real force for anti-American spirit. He said that the Beatles came to this country, made their money, and then returned to England where they promoted an anti-American theme. The President nodded in agreement and expressed some surprise. The President then indicated that those who use drugs are also those in the vanguard of anti-American protest. Violence, drug usage, dissent, protest all seem to merge in generally the same group of young people.

Presley indicated to the President in a very emotional manner that he was “on your side.” Presley kept repeating that he wanted to be helpful, that he wanted to restore some respect for the flag which was being lost. He mentioned that he was just a poor boy from Tennessee who had gotten a lot from his country, which in some way he wanted to repay. He also mentioned that he is studying Communist brainwashing and the drug culture for over ten years. He mentioned that he knew a lot about this and was accepted by the hippies. He said he could go right into a group of young people or hippies and be accepted which he felt could be helpful to him in his drug drive.

The Nixon White House was disappointed that they never had the opportunity to use Presley to spread the "High on Life" message. The King was probably too busy getting high on other things.

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