Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Helmet

The St. Petersburg Times editorial board blasted Hillsborough Couty Supervisor of Elections as "a poor public servant." The Times Jeff Testerman wrote two stories about how Johnson spent 18 days avoiding a subpoena. When it came time to testify, Johnson wore a football helmet in court. Perhaps Johnson is modeling himself after another famous conservative.

Johnson couldn't answer simple questions about voting registration. He protested to the NAACP lawyer, "I don't like these (questions)." Perhaps because he doesn't know the answers. Buddy was the kid in school that didn't study for the test and then complained about his grade.

Buddy used to conservative excuse about why he doesn't know a damn thing about election policy and office management. He is a big picture guy.

"My responsibility is the direction, the vision, and not the absolute minutia" handled by elections staffers, he testified.

It is hard for Buddy to convince people he understands the big picture, when he doesn't know where his office keeps the coffee maker.

Johnson refused to answer where he lives. John Poindexter's Iran-Contra testimony comes off as forthcoming compared to this shit. Ofcourse, Johnson may not want to declare where he lives because of his because of his tax problems. Johnson owns properties in Sarasota and Hillsbough counties. Johnson still owes $1,736.45 for his Thonotosassa Road property.

Not since Alberto Gonzales has a Republican come so unprepared to testify. Johnson's testimony illustrates he has been faking it. Buddy's level of incompetence gives would make Michael Brown cringe.

Johnson did not know how the county's database of registrations was sent to the state. He could not identify the most common registration verification problems at his office. He did not know if letters notifying voters of registration errors were sent in English and Spanish. He could not say whether a nickname, like "Buddy," would result in a failed match on a registration.

Is The Times editorial board serious about Buddy giving Jeb Bush a black eye? Bush appointed Buddy because he was a partisan hack that would disenfranchise voters. Johnson hired the pro-Republican law firm Broad & Cassel to work in the Elections office. Partner C. David Brown II worked on Jeb Bush's campaign. The Governor that made 95 calls to his brother's campaign team, during the recount, loves the work Buddy is during. The Times should not think otherwise.

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