Friday, September 08, 2006

Broad & Cassel Is Not Nonpartisan

Tommy Duncan wondered why Steve Holub was given $24,142 for severence pay - on the condition he keep his mouth shut. Holub worked for and was fired by Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson. It might have something to do with Johnson hiring the pro-Republican law firm Broad and Cassel to do nonpartisan law work to the tune of $69,322.

The elections office work went not to a solitary attorney but to as many as 10 Broad and Cassel lawyers and paralegals who racked up hundreds of hours of work.n Broad and Cassel provided tens of thousands of dollars of free legal work to Johnson’s office.

In May, for instance, the firm did $69,322 worth of work for the elections office, yet billed Johnson for $13,442.

Now when law firms underbill their legal fees that is a good reason to be suspicious. Republicans on the commission were against the county mayor proposal. Johnson hiring a law firm, that donated $262,750 to Republican candidates, to look over the county mayor petition, because they're nonpartisan doesn't pass the laugh test.

C. David Brown II raised $100,000 for George W. Bush. Brown was also a member of Jeb Bush's campaign team. Former House Speaker Johnnie Byrd had Broad & Cassel do some nonpartisan legal work. The bill came to $4.5-million. Allan Bense announced he would launch an investigation. Broad & Cassel also represented Hayes E-Government Resources. Johnnie Byrd had the company do needless work to House computers. Broad & Cassel made Bense pay an extra $3.75-million to what they were already owed to Hayes E-Government Resources. No conflict of interest there.

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