Monday, May 12, 2008

Lost (IS Sexist) Open Thread

Which "Lost" character are you?
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You scored as Kate

You are Kate! Even with your spotty past of bank robbery and trouble you are a known as a nice girl who loves adventure. You are one of the guys and will always volunteer to go exploring.























This must be some poetic karmic justice for professing my hatred for all things Kate. The show's writers only purpose for Kate is use as the resident damsel in distress. That is a sexist excuse to create dramatic tension. God forbid the writers would make a woman the hero. Battlestar Galactica has women in action roles. Why can't the more popular Lost be more imaginative?

The problem might be Evangeline Lilly doesn't have the dramatic power or physicality as an actor to be an action heroine. Katee Sackhoff can overpower other actors just by showing up. Entertainment Weekly critic Gillian Flynn noted how how Sackhoff overpowered Michelle Ryan on updated Bionic Woman. Kate was originally envisioned by the creator to be the leader. ABC wanted the Jack character to live and be the show's protagonist. The network feared

Lost isn't about great acting. In fact, most of the actors are so bad that they unintentionally play their scenes for laugh. Every actor does the infamous Lost cry. The actors squint their eyes and open their mouth and start sobbing hysterically. The highlight of bad Lost is Harold Perrineau's work. I love it when Perrineau screams "WAAAAAAAAAAAALT!" in full overacting glory.

The appeal of Lost is that the show is so outlandish. John Loche's plan to move the entire island is ludicrous. Lost jumped the shark in credibilty (even by fantasy show standards) a long time ago. Analysis of plot points and clues is pointless. The best way to appreciate the show is for it's campiness.

Character's like Jack can only exist in cheesy television shows. No rationale human being would sit on the beach, tell the other survivors after a dead body washes up on the beach and the freighter have lied to them that they are going to get rescued. The characters actions are only meant to move the plot forward. Don't believe the producers bullshit that Lost is a character-driven show. The producers kill off characters callously. Charlie's death was pointless and avoidable. The no-name survivors gunned down at the barracks with as much thought as the red shirt crew members of the original Star Trek.

Trained mercenaries were able to gun down three no-name Losties. Sawyer runs into the open and doesn't get knicked. No character has deftly avoided bullets since Bruce Willis in the Die Hard franchise. Josh Holloway is also the Lost actor most-likely to become a movie star. (Don't kid yourselves about Matthew Fox.) The popular Lost characters can't die. Locke proved that by magically healing from a gunshot wound.

Blame Melissa McEwan for getting me hooked on the show.

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