Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Well you would have thought I was high a few weeks ago when I announced my run for Congress District 11. I have a very unscientific poll on my site that has me leading Kathy Castor by 60%-40%. That is about the margin of victory that Paul and I are expecting."

Tim Fasano, on how he will beat Castor in the 2008 election. Fasano's website is down and no longer linked on Fasano's blog. I wonder what are the latest internal Fasano polling numbers.

No Democrat or Republican is going to beat Castor for her seat. It's her's for as long as she wants it. Castor has the backing of Pelosi, her mother Betty's political connections and is in one of the safest Democratic districts in the country. Fasano publicly touting his polling numbers showed that he was either seeking publicity or is utterly clueless about how formable a candidate Castor is?

Castor could be the next Mayor of Tampa, if she decided to run. No other Tampa resident has the name-recognition and fundraising ability. It is not a stretch to imagine Castor running for the Senate or Governor. What does Fasano have besides racist blog posts and a politically killing side job as a pornographer? Fasano could at least have the decency to announce he was dropping out after reitterating that he was in to stay and would beat Castor.

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