Tuesday, May 06, 2008

John Gibson Has Foot In Mouth Disease

John Gibson mocked Heath Ledger's death on his radio show. The reason seemed to be that Ledger played a gay man in the movie Brokeback Mountain. Gibson defended his remarks by saying, "There's no point in passing up a good joke."

GIBSON: OK, anyway, Heath Ledger died, and I'm sure people will be upset. All you Brokeback Mountain fans, you want to give Christine a call, she'll be happy to talk to you.

John Gibson now targets Rachel Maddow of Air America and MSNBC. Gibson aired the audio track "Ooh, lesbians! Yummy!" when talking about Maddow. Gibson joked, "Have I told told you about the people on the island of Lezbos? Nevermind."

This clown never learns. Something tells me his public apology for his Ledger comments weren't sincere.

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