Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Classic David Broder

It is amazing that the Dean of Comedy can pack so much humor into his September 4, 2005 column. Satirist David Broder never fails to provide the funny. He writes how Katrina will help President Bush's political standing.

We cannot yet calculate the political fallout from Hurricane Katrina and its devastating human and economic consequences, but one thing seems certain: It makes the previous signs of political weakness for Bush, measured in record-low job approval ratings, instantly irrelevant and opens new opportunities for him to regain his standing with the public.

Broder continues to be on a roll. He blames the Congressional Democratic, who were in the minority, for the lack of oversight hearings.

The decline of oversight hearings on Capitol Hill reflects what many of the commentators called a loss of institutional pride in Congress. Majority Republicans see themselves first and foremost as members of the Bush team -- and do not want to make trouble by asking hard questions. Democrats find it more rewarding to raise campaign funds and cultivate their own constituencies.

My guts are about to burst from so much laughter. The staff at The Onion have nothing on Broder. What other comedian would have the brilliance to go on Meet the Press to suggest the Democrats were hurt after Trent Lott stepped down for his pro-segregation remarks. Younger comics like Sean Hannity should take note of the Dean.

BRODER: I think there are two losers, Tim. I think the Democrats lost ground, in part. Former Senator Al Simpson from Wyoming said to me, “They have defanged Daschle now.” Daschle can go stand up there and point his finger and talk about those rotten evil Republicans, and people are going to see Bill Frist standing across the aisle from him, who doesn’t look rotten or evil.

The other reason I think the Democrats are losers is that when they had a moral issue in front of them with President Clinton, they denounced him, but they never acted against him. Indeed, they rallied around him. And I think that contrast is one that people will remember.

Not to be outdone, fellow funnyman Tim Russert called Broder "the most objective and respected reporter I know in this town."

Hollywood will never beat the Beltway in the humor department.

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At May 01, 2007 11:02 AM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

I have nothing bright to say but this is an awesome post.

They aren't just comedians they should wear big rubber noses.

I understand why so many people are scared of clowns.


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