Monday, October 02, 2006

Mark Foley in Rehab

The Mark Foley story has officially jumped the shark. Now People magazine is getting a piece.

Following his abrupt resignation on Friday and a current FBI investigation into his alleged sexually explicit communications with underage Congressional pages, former Representative Mark Foley of Florida has checked himself into a rehab facility, according to his attorney, David Roth.

Roth, who would not name the treatment center but said the ex-legislator was admitted over the weekend, gave the Associated Press a statement from Foley, saying, "I strongly believe that I am an alcoholic and have accepted the need for immediate treatment for alcoholism and other behavioral problems."

Foley is going the fallen movie star route. I don't think it's going to help. Foley offered to meet the pages in person.

"I would drive a few miles for a hot stud like you," Foley said in one message obtained by ABC News.

The FBI has said that Foley attempting to meet a page may be the criminal act of soliciting for sex with a minor. The Blotter reports that Foley may have met a minor in San Diego.

Maf54: I miss you lots since san diego.
Teen: ya I cant wait til dc
Maf54: :)
Teen: did you pick a night for dinner
Maf54: not yet…but likely Friday
Teen: ok…ill plan for Friday then
Maf54: that will be fun

Very "ill plan."

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