Friday, September 29, 2006

Mark Foley Resigns

Looks like the pressure from the email controversy got to be too much. Mark Foley announces his resignation from Congress.

Washington --Congressman Mark Foley (FL-16) this afternoon issued the following statement:

"Today I have delivered a letter to the Speaker of the House informing him of my decision to resign from the U.S. House of Representatives, effective today. I thank the people of Florida's 16th Congressional District for giving me the opportunity to serve them for the last twelve years; it has been an honor.

"I am deeply sorry and I apologize for letting down my family and the people of Florida I have had the privilege to represent."

I'm wondering if Foley is worried about problems with law enforcement. Resigning helps the Republican Party, but makes him look guilty. I hope it's not true. I would feel a lot better knowing that child predators aren't in Congress.

Update: From CNN.

According to GOP sources, Foley is concerned there may be other potential politically damaging e-mails or information out there and has concluded it's best not to run again for office.

What a mess.

Update: Joe Negron announced run in Foley's place.


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