Thursday, September 28, 2006

Inside Baseball

I have been curious about the inside baseball stuff going on in the Alex Sink/Tom Lee race for Chief Financial Officer. I asked Wayne Garcia in the Blurbex comments. He gave me his best estimation of what is going on.

Alex Sink is doing well and will be formidable for Lee, who some in his own party don't like for a variety of reasons, the most being that he is a maverick and doesn't kowtow to the way things were supposed to be done in Tallahassee. That may be the source of the problem with the homebuilders (don't know for a fact, haven't done any reporting on this).

Lee's problem is he made a lot of legislative enemies back home and they could do him some harm in the election.

Lee's anti-lobbyist bill probably isn't helping matters.

Go make a donation to Alex Sink's campaign and check out the blog. Sink backs expanding KidCare. It's a good idea. According to the American Medical Student Association, there are 10 million uninsured children in America. Leaving them uninsured means these kids will get sick and the medical expensives will cost more down the road. The compassionate conservatives will call it socialized medicine. I call it common sense not to let kids get sick and waste tax dollars on health matters that could have been treated sooner for less money.


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