Monday, October 02, 2006

White House Opposes independent investigation into Foley

White House aide Dan Bartlett states that the Bush administration opposes an independent investigation the Mark Foley internet communications. I bet they do.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Number one, was the President aware of any of these allegations. Number two, the Washington Post is calling for an independent investigation. Do you think that’s appropriate?

BARTLETT: The president was not aware of this. It is a shocking revelation to see this type of allegation. The members of the House of Representatives, the leadership, appear to be very aggressive in pursuing this investigation and I think that’s the best place is for the leadership to determine the way forward.

Think Progress has the video.

A friend of mine said that Foley is the iceberg hitting the GOP Titanic. He said let them all sink. We'll see.

Update: CNN video story.


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