Sunday, October 01, 2006

John Beck Putting Your Money to Work For Him

This is how the Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority and John Beck is spending tax dollars. At $175 per-hour to boot.

Lobbyist John Beck selected gubernatorial appointments to Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority. These people would have the power to renew Beck's contract.

Cynthia Henderson billed $350 for making a phone call to cancel a meeting.

Seven instances where Becks company double-billed the Expressway Authority.

Beck and Henderson are now issuing no comments through their attorneys.

You may remember that Henderson was the former secretary of DBPR. She accepted free tickets, from a lobbyist, to the Kentucky Derby. She went to the event with a free ride from the Outback Steakhouse. The teeny weeny problem with that is she was accepting gifts from people she was suppose to regulate. But who wants to fly coach.


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