Saturday, April 29, 2006

Term Limits Off Ballot

The Florida Senate voted 26-14 to take 12 year term limits off the ballot. The current limit for the Senate is eight. I wrote quick thoughts about term limits in the Buzz comments.

Why exactly is term limits a good thing? Johnnie Byrd quickly being put into the House Speaker position. What did he do to earn it? Besides making a lot of backroom promises he broke.

I noticed the majority of people who support term limits don't follow politics. It's something that popular. Just think about how you would feel about Randall Terry or Ronda Storms as a Senate leader. It's possible.

There is one silver lining. Lobbyists pushed for the ballot and lost.

"If you're a lobbyist, and you've got a lot of money invested in (a lawmaker), you want to keep him around for 12 years instead of eight," Posey said.

Don't you love lobbyists? For the record: term limits haven't kept money out of Florida politics. The state ranks fifth in campaign fundraising.


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