Thursday, April 27, 2006

DCCC Names 22 Most Promising Candidates

The DCCC has named the 22 most promising Democratic candidates. On that list is Florida's Ron Klein and Phyllis Busansky. The DCCC is pinning their hopes on Klein and Busanshy to help take back the House. But that will take commitment and activism. The Republican machine knows how to raise money. I am inploring you to donate to both candidates on ActBlue. I don't get nothing out of this. Except knowing that I took part in democracy. Not sat around and bitched.

Make your voices heard. Do you want more high gas prices and a lack of Congressional oversight on a President with horrible approval ratings?

Do you want an endless war in Iraq?

Do you want record-breaking spending?

Do you want America to continue to violate civil liberties?

If not then act now.


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