Thursday, April 27, 2006

Republicans Vs Science

Embryonic stem cell research became an issue in the Florida Senate. 20 of the Senate's members voted for an amendment for $15 million in funding. A two-thirds vote was needed. I wasn't surprised that the amendment didn't pass. I'm amazed that the measure made it out of the Senate Health Care Committee and half the members voted yes.

If the amendment was attached to SB 468 - the Florida House already voted against tax dollars for stem cell research and Jeb Bush would have vetoed the bill. What seems to be happening is that the goal posts is moving in favor of stem cell research. The right-leaning presidential candidate Bill Frist supports stem cell research. After how Terri Schiavo blew up in the Republican's face, Christian conservatives are reframing the stem cell issue.

Catholic Conference lobbyist Michael Sheed told the Associated Press, "But this is not so much a religious objection, this is a human issue. It's about human beings and human dignity. A human embryo is a human being."

An embryo is an early stage of human life. Many on the left and right argue about when life begins. As George Carlin said, "It's been ongoing for million of years." That's a heavy discussion. The problem is politics is all about dumbing down the public. Try explaining that a petri dish is a person. That's simplistic, but effective. Republicans can try explaining why Nancy Reagan supports tax dollars for stem cell research. These people have been dishonest about Terri Schiavo's condition, Medicare, and AIDS. It's time Republicans start explaining how their positions are scientifically based. I bet they can't do it.


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