Friday, April 28, 2006

Nuclear Power In Florida

The Miami Herald reports that of the members Florida House and Senate think Floridians should pay for nuclear power plants before they are built. This is the political equivalent of asking the voters to bend over and squeal like a pig.

Power companies could hit customers with higher bills to underwrite the cost of building nuclear power plants even before the facilities are built, under a major energy bill on track for approval in the Legislature in the next few days.

The bill, expected to be debated in the House and Senate on Monday, signals a major shift in energy policy in the state, which has always required power companies to pay for their power plants before they charge consumers higher rates to pay for them.

It gets worse. The bill would make it harder, for local governments, to halt construction of of power plants in their communities.

Senate President Tom Lee is pitching this bill as conservation. That doesn't pass the laugh test. The one silver lining is the bill would create an energy commission to find alternative sources of fuel.

''Not going to happen. If it's in the bill, it will kill the bill,'' Bush said, prompting the Senate to delay a vote until Monday to give its leaders time to try to overcome the governor's objections.

The silver lining will soon disappear. Jeb shows he has no interest in alternative sources of energy. This bill is a big fuck you to the people of Florida.


At April 29, 2006 2:14 PM , Blogger TheMax said...

I kind of agree with Jeb in that it isn't up to the state to find alternative sources of fuel. It is up to the state though to build and encourage use of mass transportation systems. This is where we should be focusing our time and resources.


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