Monday, July 07, 2014

Shocking News: Rick Scott Not Truthful

Gov. Rick Scott told the media that no taxpayer money has been committed to All Aboard Florida.

Q: Governor, considering the recent story about All Aboard Florida, can you tell us how big a role Adam Hollingsworth played in paving the way for All Aboard Florida?

Scott: So, All Aboard Florida is 100% private venture. It’s a private company. What was important to me is that we extended the time frame for anybody that wanted to ask questions, the public comment period, that’s what I expect.

Q: But they are apparently going to seek $44 million in state grants.

Scott: The All Aboard project is 100% privately funded.

There is just one problem with Scott's statement. Scott has committed $200 million to a train depot for Orlando International Airport. The train stop will be used by All Aboard Florida. Scott's current Chief of Staff Adam Hollingsworth formerly worked for Flagler Development Group and Parallel Infrastructure. Gary Fineout reports Hollingsworth sent several text messages to the Scott administration regarding All Aboard Florida.

Hollingsworth, who worked on Scott’s transition team in late 2010, exchanged several text messages with Scott’s deputy chief of staff shortly before the All Aboard Florida project was publicly announced. Hours before the release came out he texted Carrie O’Rourke and told her she would get a copy of it in advance. “If you see any hiccups, let me know,” Hollingsworth texted. “Thanks for all your help.”

Scott came out against federal money for a high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando. Florida Republican elected officials such as John Mica and Jack Latvala came out against Scott's decision. Scott had no problem approving SunRail funding that would financially benefit former State Sen. J.D. Alexander. I wrote about why Alexander wanted to SunRail project approved.

The blog Stop CSX in Polk County broke the story that Alexander's was purchasing Phoenix Industries. Alexander owns Altantic Blue. The company bought Phoenix Industries, a frozen food vender that does business with CSX. The transporation bill would have placed CSX's new hub near Alexander's warehouse. One needs a scorecard to track Alexander's conflicts of interest.

Scott isn't a fiscal conservative. He is a crony capitalist.

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