Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Fox News Not So Fair and Balanced Toward Immigrant Children

President Barack Obama has eased restrictions for immigrant children residing in America. Gabe Ortíz tweeted this less than fair and balanced graphic Fox News used to report on white adult protesting against immigrant children. This is the same network that employs anti-immigration xenophobe Lou Dobbs. Bill O'Reilly floated the conspiracy theory that children maybe abducted from their villages across Central America and sent to the United States.

“The media is telling the folks that if they come to the United States now, because of the DREAM Act and some of the other things that have been proposed, they’ll be able to stay,” he told Dobbs. “So then the people smugglers, the human smugglers, which take the children out of their villages and shepherd them all the way through Mexico, they’re making a ton of money.”

O'Reilly is making a ton of money gining up fear with his 72 year-old demographic.

The median age for Mr. O’Reilly’s audience reached a new high, 72.1. And less than 15 percent of his audience fell within the 25-54 group. (He still dwarfs his news competition in terms of numbers: CNN averaged 145,000 viewers in that hour among the 25-54 year old audience, and MSNBC just 127,000.)

The Fox News audience is old and terrified of brown people. The coverage by Fox News plays into the fears of its audience.

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