Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Charity Challenge to Joe Bardi

I made a joke on Joe Bardi's Facebook wall that he should do a review of only the Maggie scenes from the HBO series The Newsroom. Not the actual show. I don't even know if Bardi has seen The Newsroom. What prompted the comment was Creative Loafing recently did a charity auction. I wondered if Bardi would subject himself to two seasons of Maggie for a worthy cause.

Bardi asked how much I was offering. This originally started as a joke but I thought why not.

I posted this comment.

This started as a joke. Tell you what, set up a PayPal account. Set a price and we see if we can reach it. I will try to fundraise for it on the blog. You must watch all the scenes with Maggie in the two seasons of The Newsroom. Not the actual show. You must write a character analysis of Maggie on Daily Loaf. I will let you pick the charity.

If Bardi is game he will have to watch scenes like this. For the record: I like Allison Pill as an actress. It seems like Aaron Sorkin took a promising young actressand projected all his problems with women on to her character.

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