Monday, November 18, 2013

Did Peter Schorsch Plant False Story About Michael Pinson Charity

A source told me that Peter Schorsch planted a false story to Noah Pransky, of WTSP, about Michael Pinson's charity. I blogged about Pinson's charity and now question the source of Pransky's story.

Do me a favor and politely ask Pransky on Twitter who was the source of his story on Pinson's charity. WTSP did report on Pinson's charity helping out after the storm hit Haiti. I don't know Pinson personally but after recent events I feel it is best to delete my post on Pinson's charity and question the who the source of Pransky's story is. My apologies to the people involved with the Michael Pinson Foundation.

Update: I sent a second tweet to Pransky.

Background: yesterday I blogged about Schorsch being investigated for payola accusations of writing favorable posts and deleting negative posts, if politicos would pay for advertising on SaintPetersblog.

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