Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poor Kids: Documentary on Children Facing Homelessness

Frontline has a documentary on homeless children. Many of these children are in a constant state of hunger. Many of these children live in cars or abandoned buildings. The documentary Poor Kids by filmmaker Jezza Neumann follows 6 children. One of the children said this to Neumann.

“If I keep missing school, then I see my future poor, on the streets, in a box, not even, and asking for money everywhere, everybody, and then stealing stuff from stores. And yeah, I don’t want to steal stuff. I don’t want to do any of that stuff.”

This is the BBC version of the documentary.

This is what the crash of 2008 has done to many American families. Republicans have cut food stamps and President Barack Obama hasn't made a stink about this. Republicans hate America's social safety net and Obama follows the religious neoliberal dogma that entitlements must be cut. Obama and Republicans don't give a damn about these children. Their attitude is these kids are losers. Meanwhile, a child is collecting cans to get money to buy food.

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