Saturday, November 09, 2013

Dubious Rubio Hearts John Stemberger

Orlando social conservative activist John Stemberger is obsessed with the LGBT community. Stemberger has dedicated his life to demonizing gay people. Stemberger thinks a lot about what gay 17 year-olds will do in the Boy Scouts.

In an interview with Tony Perkin, Stemberger continues his obsession with boy on boy sex in the Boy Scouts.

What they’re thinking of is a little boy saying, ‘oh I think I’m attracted to guys, I think I’m gay,’ well that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the sixteen, seventeen-year-old openly gay activist from the local campus that is there for ill-motives: there as a plaintiff, there as a person to either have interest in the other boys or to promote their agenda. That is going to be the problem, not the boys—we have those boys already, scoutmasters take them in and we deal with them, we talk with them, we work with them. It’s the activists that we’re concerned with and that’s why we think sex and politics have absolutely no place in scouting, it will utterly destroy the program.

I think this has less to do with "what they're thinking" and more to do with what Stemberger is thinking.

Stemberger continues with his strange obsession with male on male teenage sex.

I think the national organization is just kind of winking and nodding, saying, ‘oh yeah, homosexual boys, no big deal, we can influence them for the better, boys are better off in scouting.’ Well wait a second, yeah homosexual boys are better off but what about the other boys who may be preyed upon? You know BSA’s own statistics show, their own youth training program shows that seventy percent of all abuse in scouting takes place by other boys, not by adults. So I’ve been saying from day one that this is going to create a wave of boy-on-boy sexual abuse which is going to contribute future to the scandal that scouting has had in the past and also not to mention the physical, psychological and sexual abuse of countless boys.

Stemberger doesn't believe the word gay should be used in public discourse. It would harm the children. Does Stemberger want gay people to be refered to as very happy guys and gals.

" "You look at anything that has the world 'gay' on it in our culture," Stemberger said, "a gay magazine, a gay blog, a gay website, a gay parade, you name it, it's gonna be guaranteed to be inappropriate for kids. And that's what we're talking about; we talking about injecting hyper-sexuality and a leftist political agenda right into the veins of the Boy Scouts and it will utterly devastate it":

Stemberger also has scorn for women. Stemberger attacked Pam Bondi when she was running for Attorney General. Stemberger's reason was Bondi had no children and was living with a man.

Stemberger is homophobic and sexist. That doesn't stop Sen. Marco Rubio from speaking at Stemberger's Florida Family Policy Council dinner. If you want to know Rubio's position on gay rights issues then just look at the company he keeps.

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