Friday, November 08, 2013

WTF Is Bob Buckhorn Thinking

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn seems to be falling back on the same horrible political instincts that made him champion to silly 6 foot law in strip clubs. Buckhorn took part in a fundraiser for Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi. Ben Kirby noted Buckhorn lavished praise on Rick Scott during a Tampa appearance.

Buckhorn was effusive in his praise for the governor: “The governor and I are in different political parties. That’s no secret. We could not have had a better partner than this governor. … We are thankful for that leadership.”

The Florida Democratic Party worked very hard to get Buckhorn elected. I wonder how they feel about Buckhorn working hard on behave of the two highest ranking Republicans in state office.

Buckhorn really jumped the shark with his recent press conference. Phil Ammann reports Buckhorn sent out an email to the media. Buckhorn told the media he would make a major announcement at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

The tension was broken at 2 p.m., when Buckhorn made it official — Billy Joel is who will be the Forum Jan. 17.
Is Bob Buckhorn working for VH1 now? Buckhorn pulled the media out of newsrooms for Billy Joel coming to Tampa. Is Buckhorn trying to get the media to mock him? Buckhorn has horrible political instincts.


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