Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I deleted the "1 In 3 Pledge" post from Pushing Rope. The post was filled with so many errors that a correction wouldn't have been able to save the post. I do feel that an explanation is in order.

The 1 In 3 Pledge aims to end abortion shaming.

I pledge to speak out against the shaming of women who have had an abortion. I will help build a culture of empathy, justice, and support for access to abortion care and for the 1 in 3 women who will have an abortion in her lifetime. The silence and stigma end here.

I read the petition. I even tweeted the petition. Yet, in ny post I stated the 1 Ib 3 Pledge was to ebd rape shaming. Rape shaming is a serious issue. However, the 1 In 3 Pledge had the stated goal to end abortion shaming.

The post only got worse. I confused Daily Beast reporter R. Tod Kelly with noted rape shamer John Hembling. Kelly did a story on Hembling's history of rape shaming. Kelly emailed me to inform me of my error. Understandably, Kelly was not pleased for being confused with Hembling. I sincerely apologize to Kelly for my post.

"The 1 In 3 Pledge" post was error filled and just plain horrible. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote it. I apologize to the readers.



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