Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tea Party Conspiracy Theory That United Nations is Taking the Alamo

This op-ed is not from The Onion. George Rodriguez, former president of the San Antonio Tea Party, believes that the United Nations is going to take control of the Alamo.

Texans should be aware that San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro may have started a new “battle of the Alamo”. He has made some initial moves to allow the United Nations to influence and even manage the Alamo, and the San Antonio Express/News is doing a soft sell of the idea in their Sunday, September 15 opinion page. It has been reported that Mayor Castro and his close ally, City Councilman Diego Bernal, have been meeting with U.S. Department of Interior officials about the future of San Antonio’s historical missions. Castro wants to make the missions a greater tourist attraction by designating them national and world cultural treasures.

It is bad when a conservative Republican, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, calls rumors of the U.N. taking over the Alamo "Horse hockey." Translation: that is a polite way of Patterson saying the rumor is bullshit.

Alex Jones has been running false stories of a United Nations take over of the Alamo on his website. There is a video on the linked (factually inaccurate) InfoWars article of Alex Jones speaking in front of the Alamo with an assault rifle strapped to him. Jones just rambles nonsense. Jones is a horrible public speaker. Unfortunately, there a lot of conspiracy theorists that need a leader.

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