Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chris Hayes on Chris Christie's Hurricane Sandy's Record

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Via GottaLaff: many people in New Jersey aren't happy with Chris Christie's slow response to Hurricane Sandy. Adam Gordon, staff attorney, Fair Share Housing Center, is suing the state of New Jersey on the behave of homeowners hit by Sandy. Gordon told Hayes this.

There's 75% of people that were hit by the storm that they felt that the Christy administration's response doesn't care about people like them.

Rep. Rush Holt told Hayes the same story.

The harder you're hit by Sandy on average, the less satisfied you are with the response of the Christie administration. You made reference to this lawsuit against him on lack of transparency on how the funds are disbursed and only a very small fraction of the funds have been disbursed. And so i think there's a lot that's lacking in the response.

Sadly, I am not shocked.

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