Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Thoughts On Charlie Crist and Nan Rich

If you pay attention to social media, there are many progressive activists are against Charlie Crist running for governor of Florida as a Democrat. I have bashed Crist repeatedly on this blog for bad policies during his term as governor. I do take exception with a couple of unrealistic progressive criticisms in this Tampa Tribune article. Here is the first criticism.

“He could be governor today if he wanted to,” said Susan Smith of Tampa, president of the state party’s Progressive Caucus. “I blame him for Marco Rubio” — meaning that Crist’s move to run as an independent for senator in 2010 split the anti-Rubio votes.

I have a great deal of respect for Susan Smith. However, Kendrick Meek would lose under any scenario. Smith is basing her assessment on Meek lost votes to Crist in a three-way race. Meek would have lost in a two-way race if Marco Rubio or Crist was the Republican nominee. As I said here, here, here and here that Meek was a shockingly bad candidate. Meek's worst enemy was Kendrick Meek.

My second problem.

“If he wants to prove he’s a Democrat, he ought to work like hell to get a Democrat other than himself elected,” said Kathie Jaskolski of Vero Beach, a Rich backer. “Then we could work to get him elected. To waltz into our party and say, ‘Make me your king’ is kind of presumptuous.”

Crist was one of the biggest campaign fundraisers for Obama and went around the state stumping for the President. Crist has also raised money for Terry McAuliffe and has campaigned for Darden Rice. Crist has been involved in several other Democratic fundraisers. Crist is doing a lot more than Nan Rich to get Democrats elected.

I like Nan Rich. I understand why progressives are skeptical about Crist. I think the criticisms should be fair. Kendrick Meek only got into the Florida legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives by winning his mother's seat. If it wasn't for his last name he would have never been elected to office. Meek had no business running for Senate.

To say Crist hasn't been helping other Democrats get elected is just wrong. Crist was been a fundraising machine for the Democratic Party.

I say let Crist and Rich both run and we have a healthy debate on the issues in the Democratic primary. Democrats need to support the winner of the primary. People are worried about if Crist is progressive enough or can Rich raise as much money as Gov. Rick Scott. The answer to both questions is no. If you decide to sit this election out then Scott gets a second term. Think about that for a moment.

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At November 23, 2013 1:19 PM , Blogger Florida CAT TRAP said...

Susan Smith is a low level or high level stalker. Anything from her should be treated with less than a grain of salt. She was also ALL FOR the expost facto laws as was that allison broad.

These are two of the most UNCONSTITUTIONAL faux dems besides that asshole Kate deflury I'm a bitch from out in left field who whored around with tommy duncan. Like it or not a lot of these whores will be called as witnesses concerning the stalking and murders of and directed at my family. For years. TOTAL SCUM. The reason that you folks especially YOU should have caught on to the fact that they are only marginal democrats AT BEST, they were advocating for some of the most INHUMANE for the chirrun laws in history. FUCK THEM. Also for full disclosure I have never been molested, and in fact, my family member was murdered by these actions which also ties them tight to Katherine Harris and the hijinks of Tampa International MURDERPORT, aka norma lopez garcia bean. Anyway.. susan smith is NOT a fucking democrat. MY ASS is a better democrat. Hugs. Oh and also they dragged that complete asshole troublemaker Jackie Beiro ms animal rights FUCKING WHACK JOB into hillsborough county with those YOUNG DEM POSERS who follow folks around trying to TAPE RECORD them and use the words to make NEW RECORDINGS (EDWIN INCISO) (that tattooed guy who ran young dems during the davis campaign and Nick Janovsky. Please take note these people are NOT DEMOCRATS but rather working an agenda of murder stalking and intimidation.

I stand behind these words and will soon be filing court cocuments proving that these pos lousy poser pigs tried to steal my child's home in another state in order to serve their vendetta. Be there. It's THE STORY OF FLORIDA and the thieves, murderers and stalkers who tried to take my family OUT OF THAT PICTURE

At November 23, 2013 1:23 PM , Blogger Florida CAT TRAP said...

Charlie Crist can be whatever. He's still far ahead of THE POSER alex sink and any other thing so far run up the flagpole.

Keep an eye on these folks. They're sinister. Susan Smith improbably met me in the street at some point just before she returned to her home in TENNESSEE. Oh also, someone should tell Joe Redner to get another diagnosis. It's probable he doesn't even HAVE cancer any more than my sister died of complications from diabetes IN HER CAR IN HER DRIVEWAY SAME AS MY MOTHER. My sister did not have the first symptom of diabetes and my mother was murdered. So there you have it. KNOW WHO THEY ARE


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