Thursday, October 24, 2013

Conservative Bad Girl Ana Alliegro Back In Florida

Self-professed conservitive bad girl Ana Alliegro has surfaced. Talking Points Memo had this interesting profile of Alliegro's past misdeeds.

In a story published Monday night, the newspaper offered more details of Alliegro's past legal run-ins — from driving with a suspended license, to minor shoplifting, to shooting at her ex-husband...

She is a bad girl.

Alliegro was the money lady for bogus Democratic candidate Lamar Sternad. The latter ran against Joe Garcia in the Democratic primary. Garcia later beat the scandal plagued David Rivera in the Congressional general election.

Sternad used Rapid Mail to send out attacker mailers against Garcia. The problem was Sternad's fundraising was nonexistent. Alliegro gave envelopes stuffed with cash to Rapid Mail. Sternad told a grand jury that Rivera was funding his campaign. Alliegro quickly left the United States for an extended vacation in Nicaragua.

Alliegro has returned to the United States and was greeted by federal agents at the airport.

Multiple sources say Alliegro voluntarily arrived in Miami this weekend. Her passport was taken by federal agents and she spoke with investigators Monday. She is negotiating a deal to avoid prison time.

“The deal is simple: cooperate,” said a source familiar with the case. “They want Rivera.”

Alliegro will speak to a grand jury about her involvement with Rivera and provide a timeline of events. Sternad has already pleaded guilty to $81,486 in illegal campaign contributions.

It is time for a reporter to ask Sen. Marco Rubio about his former housemate David Rivera.

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