Monday, October 21, 2013

Rubio Contradicts Himself on Shutdown

Sen. Marco Rubio is taking heat from the Left and establishment Republicans. Rubio runs to the safety of Fox News to field softball questions.

"I was never in favor of shutting down the government or of defunding the government. I was in favor of voting to fund the government fully," Rubio said on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace. "The only thing I didn't want to see is us wasting any more money on Obamacare, which is already a disaster."

Back in August, Rubio told conservative talk radio host Mark Levin that he would not vote to fund the government. Rubio made it clear that defunding Obamacare was more important than funding government.

Look, I’m not attacking anyone directly. All I’m saying is that you cannot say you are against Obamacare if you are willing to vote for a law that funds it. If you’re willing to fund this thing, you can’t possibly say you’re against it.

Rubio made it clear he would not vote to fund the government. There was never any chance of President Barack Obama signing a bill to delay or defund his signature legislation. That didn't stop Rubio from participating in Ted Cruz's filibuster and voting against funding the government. Rubio also voting against raising the debt ceiling. Rubio can't call himself a fiscal conservative if he is willing to let the federal government default.

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