Saturday, October 19, 2013

Enough of Tea Party Nonsense at Public Hearings

The tea party is destroying Republican education policy. Case in point is a hearing held in Tallahassee for Common Core. Ignorant tea party activists aren't aware that Common Core was created by conservatives.

"As far as I'm concerned, Common Core is the same as communism," one attendee said at the Wednesday night meeting in Davie.

"Marxism!" someone shouted from the audience.

If these people took the time they would learn that Common Core was created by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Former Bush administrator officials Rod Paige and Michael Petrilli served in senior positions at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Common Core was not created by bleeding heart liberals.

This had to be the lowlight of the hearing.

Of the three town-hall style meetings, the one in Davie was the most heated —and the most vibrant. Randy Adams of Weston delivered his anti-Common Core remarks wearing a Revolutionary War uniform.

I have no interest in listening to someone dressed as a Klingon, at Comic Con, lecturing me about Middle East policy. I have even less interest in listening to a make believe Revolutionary soldier yell misinformed nonsense about Common Core. I also have no interest in giving respect to people who behave obnoxiously at public hearings. These tea party activists demand respect and treat their fellow citizens with contempt. Enough is enough.

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