Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dubious Rubio Votes For Default

Sen. Marco Rubio said only Democrats wanted a government shutdown. If that is the case then why did Rubio vote against ending the shutdown and raising the debt ceiling last night? If Rubio was really concerned about the United State's debt then why did he vote for the default of his country?

Rubio can't say the other party wants the government shutdown and turn around and vote for a shutdown. Rubio can't say he cares about America's debt and then vote for a default that would cause an international financial crisis. Actions matter more than words and I can't think of a moment when Rubio committed a brave action in his life. This is an irresponsible man who has no business serving in the United States Senate.

Update: Rubio passes the buck by blaming Democrats.

β€œI know of no one in my party who supported shutting down the government,” Rubio said during his floor speech. β€œOn the contrary, we argued that we should fund the entire government except for one thing, ObamaCare.”

Last night, Rubio voted against opening the government and lifting the U.S. credit rating. It would be nice if Rubio take responsibility for his votes and actions. Rubio participated in the Ted Cruz filibuster. Cruz called for shutting down the government if Obamacare wasn't defunded or repealed. Rubio helped lead his party into a shutdown and then hid from the media when poll numbers turned against Republicans. Rubio backed the shutdown and voted to continue the shutdown. Worse is Rubio voting for America to default. Rubio needs to look in the mirror before he plays the blame game.



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