Sunday, October 07, 2012

The David Rivera Saga

Poor David Rivera couldn't get his sometime (nearly foreclosed) housemate Marco Rubio wouldn't take the time to talk about his friend to Miami Herald reporter Marc Caputo. Rivera's fundraising has been lagging behind Democratic Joe Garcia. Rivera could have used a hearty endorsement from Rubio. However, Rubio, chose to walk into the rain to avoid Caputo's prying camera. Rivera has also not been seen at any South Florida campaign rallies with Mitt Romney.

In Rivera's defense, he does have interesting tastes in women. Take self-described conservative bad girl Ana Alliegro. Talking Points Memo has the highlights of her past.

We do now know a bit more about her, though, thanks to The Miami Herald. In a story published Monday night, the newspaper offered more details of Alliegro's past legal run-ins - from driving with a suspended licence, to minor shoplifting, to shooting at her ex-husband - and her role in the campaign of an upstart Democratic congressional primary candidate.

Why would a conservative bad girl like Alliegro work on a Democrat's campaign. Perhaps if that Democratic candidate was set up by Rivera, in an attempt to knock Garcia out of the race.

Rivera gave enelopes stuffed with money to Alliegro. She in turn delivered the money to Rapid Mail. Garcia's primary opponent Lamar Sternad used Rapid Mail to send out mailers attacking Garcia. Sternad did not have the level of fundraising needed to send ouyt the mailers. When questioned on how he could afford the mailers - Sternad said: "Kiss my 'lily white' ass."

Alliegro was suppose to testify to a grand jury. She disappeared. Alliegro's attorney and family are not aware of her whereabouts.

Sternad wisely did not tell the grand jury to kiss his ass.

Justin Lamar Sternad, whose failed campaign became the subject of a federal grand-jury investigation, has told the FBI that Rep. David Rivera was secretly behind his run for office, according to the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

The most hysterical thing is that Sternad testified that Alliegro referred him by his nickname Gangster.

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