Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Allen West Flies His Freak Flag

To say that Rep. Allen West is a walking soap opera is a vast understatement. West gets attention for incendiary. I guarantee that if you ask West's supporters what legislation West is sponsoring they would draw a blank. Like many tea party freshmen, West has been a benchwarmer in the unproductive 112th Do Nothing Congress. The current tea party crowd prefers anger and flash over substance.

West is getting attention that he would rather avoid. Gossip Extra published an extremely creepy letter West wrote to his wife.

He tells her: "From now on, you will wear two-piece swim suits when on vacations."

Then: "Angelia, I need to know, are you committed to being my porn star."

West and his wife are perfectly entitled to get a little freaky in their personal lives. What his disturbing is the letter matches previous sexist rhetoric West has aimed at women.

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