Saturday, September 08, 2012

Grindr A Big Hit At RNC

Grindr is a phone app that helps gay men hook-up. Apparently, Grindr experienced a massive increase in log ins during the RNC.

The application averaged 1,079 users per day for the five days convention activity was booming in Tampa.

The five days of the convention that have been reported would set a weekly pace of 7,558, a 242 percent increase from the first three weeks of August.

I would like to see data of how many of those Grindr users were looking to grind in the Tampa area. Another takeaway from this article is that there are a lot of closeted gay men in the Republican Party. I can not understand why these men are so fulled with self-loathing. They must on some level realize that they are in a party that does not deem them as humans worthy of the same protections under the Constitution. It really is sad.

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