Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Live Blogging the DNC: Bill Clinton

10:34 Bill Clinton is in the house. The crowd loves him.

10:35 Bill Clinton could fart and the crowd would go crazy.

10:36 I almost expect Bill Clinton to nominate himself. The crowd would cheer if he did.

10:37 Clinton gives Michelle Obama a nice shoutout.

Clinton gets in a funny line about how every politician wants you to believe they grewup in a log cabin they built himself.

10:40 Someone mentioned on Twitter that unlike George W. Bush, Clinton shows up as a rock star to the convention. Bush didn't even show up.

10:43 Clinton takes Republicans to task for putting partisanship over solving problems.

10:45 Clinton says we should give Obama a second term because he will keep working with Republicans. Someone should inform Obama that Mitch McConnell was elected to the Senate on a racist anti-school busing campaign.

10:49 Mitch McConnell's statement of making Obama a one-term president comes back to haunt him. 10:52: Clinton delivers Reagan's classic, "There they go again." Awesome.

10:55 Clinton is ad-lipping huge chunks of his speech.

10:58 Clinton brings up good points of auto parts dealers being saved by the trickle effect of the auto bailout.

11:00 Clinton: "Renewable energy has doubled."

11:01 Clinton talks about low interest student loans.

11:03 Clinton goes into health care. The energy dies down somewhat.

11:05 Clinton brings up the Republicans misleading attacks on Medicare. What Obama got rid of was the wasteful Medicare Advantage.

11:08 Clinton gets a standing ovation.

11:10 Bill Clinton is tearing Romney's Medicare and Medicaid cuts apart by humanizing the costs.

11:14 Clinton is tearing Romney and Ryan a new asshole.

Clinton: "Double down on trickle down."

11:21 Clinton rightfully calls Republicans out for their horrible voting restrictions.

11:23 It will be hard for Obama to top this speech.

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