Sunday, September 02, 2012

CODEPINK on Democracy Now

Medea Benjamin and Rae Abileah of CODEPINK talk about Mitt Romney's acceptance speech. Benjamin and Abileah sneaked into the Tampa Bay Times Forum to protest the influence of money in politics. CODEPINK have been able to sneak into and protest several Republican National Convention events.

Money quote:
Medea Benjamin: We have actually been going into the convention every single night, Amy. It's amazing with the $50 million they spend on security that they are not able to keep CODEPINK out the insides of the convention. Where we have disrupted the speeches of Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and last night Mitt Romney with four of us.

The CODEPINK women are ninjas. I got frisked and wand search going to the screening of Occupy Unmasked. (Horrible movie.) CODEPink got into the screening. The film is highly negative of CODEPINK. Did the Breitbart filmmakers not recognize the lefty protest group they dissed in their own film? It was hysterical to hear CODEPINK cheer when they were first mentioned in the movie.

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