Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Live Blogging the DNC: Choice

8:21 Short clip of President Obama saying that the war on choice long ago. Republicans are still fighting against choice. If Obama think Republicans will stop trying to restrict women's reproductive rights then he is mistaken.

A young woman comes on stage to speak for reproductive rights. It would have been awesome if the speaker was Sandra Fluke.

8:26 Nancy Keenan of NARAL onstage.

KEENAN: We believe rape is rape!

Sandra Fluke's name is mentioned by Keenan.

8:27 Keenan tells audience that women can't trust Mitt Romney. I'm curious about Romney's statement that abortion is the Supreme Court's domain. Is Romney saying that he would veto anti-abortion legislation that hits his desk? Romney is either screwing over his base or lying to women. That doesn't say much about his word.

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