Thursday, September 06, 2012

Live Blogging the DNC: President Obama

10:24 Michelle Obama introduces her husband.

10:25 Obama tells Michelle he loves her. He gives a shout out to his daughters and jokingly tells them that they have to go to school tomorrow.

10:26 Obama accepts the nomination. Not exactly a shock. The crowd starts chanting four more years.

10:27 Obama: "Hope in the face of difficulty."

10:28 Obama mentions the "political gridlock." Hopefully, Obama has realized the Republicans have no interest in compromise.

10:29: Energy of the speech is sinking slightly. Clinton are Biden raised the bar high.

10:31 Tampa is getting a lot of negative shout outs tonight because of the Republican National Convention.

10:32 Obama scores with a joke on Republicans repeating the same bad policies. 10:33 Obama: "We've been there. We've tried that. We ain't going backward. We're moving forward."

10:36 I heard background shouts of U.S.A. At the RNC delegates would shout U.S.A. when Codepink tries to protest a speech.

10:40 Obama is losing me with bragging about his teaching the test education reform.

10:43 The Republicans have no comeback for Osama bin Laden being dead and Team Obama is going to beat them with it.

10:45 Ding! Pander to Israeli hawks.

10:45 Obama is zinging Romney for his hysterical foreign policy blunders.

10:47 Obama is hitting his stride now.

10:49 Obama points out that Romney's deficit reduction plan based on more tax cuts and military spending makes no sense.

10:50 Obama vows not to turn Medicare into a voucher system. 10:51 Obama zings Romney on his comment on getting money for college by borrowing from your rich parents.

10:53 Obama mentions gays in his speech.

10:54 Obama: "We have responsibilities as well as rights."

10:56 Obama is putting it in second gear.

10:57 The line about standing up to lobbyists would be more convincing if Obama didn't take campaign money from Wall Street and drug companies.

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