Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Jessica Ehrlich Suspends Campaign

Jessica Ehrlich has suspended her campaign. The Ehrlich campaign sent out this press release.

"This morning I am officially announcing that I am suspending my campaign for Congress. I want to thank my amazing staff, donors, and volunteers for everything they have done for our campaign. In particular, I would like to thank the hardworking men and women of the labor movement who have supported my fight for Florida's middle class families. I also want to thank the voters of Florida's 13th Congressional district for their continued support. While this is not the result I was hoping for, I remain committed to helping the families of Pinellas County, this state, and this country."

"I want to personally thank Jessica for her hard work on behalf of our state and our Party," said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. "She has run an incredible campaign that offered voters a positive vision for Florida's 13th Congressional district. Jessica is a dedicated fighter for Florida's working families and I look forward to working along side her going forward."

The last paragraph is important. Ehrlich has decided to gracefully leave the race and not challenge Alex Sink in a primary. Tant's quote about working with Ehrlich means the Florida Democratic establishment will likely back her in a future race. Ehrlich played this well. This is must better than Doug Tudor attacking the DCCC in email blasts. The Democratic establishment wouldn't back Tudor if he ran for Polk County dog catcher.

The term suspending a campaign is really meaningless. Ehrlich can still fundraise for this cycle and probably needs to to pay off bills the campaign owes.



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