Saturday, November 09, 2013

Nan Rich's First Campaign Ad

This is Nan Rich's first ad for Governor of Florida. The ad doesn't mention Gov. Rick Scott or Charlie Crist. The ad features several women speaking to the camera and singing the praises of what a great governor Rich will be. It is early in the campaign and Rich needs to define herself to voters. It was wise not to have the first ad be negative.

A score the ad as a good start for the Rich campaign. Team Rich does need to work on their media outreach. Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo wasn't notified about the release of the ad.

This might be former Democratic state Sen. Nan Rich's first ad for governor, although for some reason her campaign didn't announce it to us and someone noted it on Twitter instead.

The Rich campaign is going to have a hard time getting media attention with Scott and Crist dominating the news cycle. They can't forget to notify the media. Team Rich also needs to work the state and national progressive blogosphere. Social media is also a huge factor. Team Rich needs to work all avenues of old and new media to stay competitive.

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