Monday, August 09, 2010

Wingnut Alert: John Stemberger

John Stemberger is an ambulance chasing lawyer who spends his free legal hours crusading against gay marriage and women's reproductive rights. Stemberger does not feel Pam Bondi is qualified to be Attorney General because she has had no children and lives with her older boyfriend out-of-wedlock. This is the most sexist and unserious reasons to say a person isn't qualified to be an Attorney General.

I am not a Bondi supporter but this is assinine. I woman shouldn't have to make babies in order to hold the position of Attorney General. Being unwed has absolutely nothing to do with one's legal qualifications. Stemberger is mad Bondi didn't court him like other Republican candidates stupidly do. Stemberger response is to lash out and display misogynic tendencies.

From Stemberger's press release.

As the campaign has progressed, Bondi has clearly emerged as the RINO moderate in the AG’s primary election. Bondi is technically a registered Republican, but has been a Democrat most of her life switching parties in 2000. She did not even bother to vote in the elections of 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 2002 & 2008. This shows her commitment to citizenship. Personally, she has no children and lives with her 60 year old eye doctor boyfriend. She refuses to take a position on the gay adoption ban. Like Rudy Guiliani and Charlie Crist she will claim to be tough on crime (Remember Chain Gang Charlie?) BUT will end up liberal on moral and social issues. The Attorney General is a prime statewide office to run for Governor or U.S. Senate someday. And we do not need another liberal, Charlie Crist Republican In Name Only (RINO) in this or any other office in Florida.

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At August 09, 2010 7:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danger Will Robinson Danger! Straw Man Alert! Stop with the straw man name calling ad hominen stuff. Ambulance I guess have to go else where for good news. I suggest you delete this post before anyone can read it.


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